Recreating the Magic of the Live-Event at Home

Sell tickets

Sell tickets and passes on our site or use your existing platform.

audience participation

Host Q&As and talkbacks with filmmakers and get real time video audience interaction.

Custom rooms

You and your audience can choose virtual room types including public or solo rooms and private video chat rooms for guests that love to share a cinema or live event experience with friends.

Human-led event

A dedicated Producer and Technical Director on hand during your event will make sure it runs smoothly.

Mic Runner

Assign a moderator for your event to manage audience questions.

Custom color and branding

Match your page with your marketing campaign.

Sponsored Pre-roll

Thank all your benefactors.

safe keeping

DRM Compatible, region-lock your audience. Watch on any device.*

24/7 Customer Support

We're here to help you put on the best show.

About us


Signal Parade was launched with the knowledge that we must adapt to our new reality and yet still find a way to connect with community through film and art. Our experienced producers and tech directors come from many years running theater ops and projection/tech at film festivals and know that a smooth run-of-show will guarantee a great time for your audience — keeping them coming back for more.

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